Hands on Baking with Stuart - Holiday Cookies

With: Pastry Chef Stuart Marks
22-Oct-2019 · 6:30 – 8:30 P.M. · Fee: $60 · Class Size (Limit): 12

Every time we offer any type of small “hands on” classes, they always sell out. The demand is definitely there, so this term, we’re doing another in the series with our executive pastry chef, Stuart Marks. Please note that this class is going to be limited to only 12 students. You must bring an apron to the class and know that Stuart will be teaching the class in our catering kitchen. I wasn’t sure about this year’s theme, but I did know that the one theme that would appeal to the masses was going to be Holiday Cookies. Stuart has quite a class in store for you all, starting off with Linzer Christmas Trees ~ Hazelnut cookies cut out in the shape of a Christmas Tree and filled with Raspberry Jam are huge sellers in our store during the holiday season. Dipped Oreos are simple and decadent and Stained Glass Cookies can double as Christmas ornaments and are truly beautiful. Stuart is going to share our recipe for Sugar cookies that will be iced in Royal Icing that you will create into Snowflakes, Christmas Bells and Snowmen. Finally, Toffee Cheese Cake Bars will round out the Cookie Bake Off Extravaganza and everyone will go home with samples for the family. Terrific class – hurry and sign up before it sells out!


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