Hands on with Stuart ~ Celebration Cakes and Desserts!

With: Chef Stuart Marks
03-Apr-2019 · 6:30 – 8:30 P.M. · Fee: $60 · Class Size (Limit): 12

Every time we offer any type of small “hands on” classes, they always sell out. The demand is definitely there, so this term, we’re doing another in the series with our executive pastry chef, Stuart Marks. Please note that this class is going to be limited to only 12 students. You must bring an apron to the class and know that Stuart will be teaching the class in our catering kitchen. Also, please note that you’ll probably be getting a bit of flour in your hair while you learn the secret of Pâte à Choux, which translates to “cold dough”. Stuart will teach you how to make the pastry cream that will be necessary to complete several of tonight’s recipes. The first dessert that you will create is a classical French confection, Paris Brest. It is filled pastry cream and strawberries and was named after the train that travels between Paris and Brest and was served to the travelers on the train. You will also learn how to prepare a Gateau St. Honore, named after the Patron Saint of bakers, which has a puff pastry base, followed by a ring of Pâte à Choux; topped with cream puffs drizzled with caramel. Pâte à Choux Swans filled with pastry cream are so beautiful simple to make, as Stuart will share the secret behind creating the swans. Finally, you will learn how to make Craquelins filled with chocolate pastry cream which translates to Crunchy Cream Puffs of all colors. Plan on eating dessert for dinner tonight. You may leave here a bit wired, but man oh man, will it be worth it!


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