Spicy Sichuan Zoodles with Ground Pork

Serves: 4
8 ounces ground pork
3 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoons Chinese rice wine or dry sherry
Coarsely ground black pepper to taste
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1/4 cup smooth peanut butter
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
1 cup low-sodium chicken broth
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
6 garlic cloves, minced
1 tablespoon minced or grated fresh ginger
3/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil
2 large zucchini ~ spiralized
3 scallions, sliced thin on the bias

Toss the pork with 1 tablespoon of the soy sauce, rice wine, and a pinch of pepper to combine and set aside. In a separate bowl, whisk the remaining 2 tablespoons soy sauce, oyster sauce, peanut butter, vinegar, and a pinch of pepper together until smooth, then whisk in the broth; set aside.

Heat the vegetable oil in a 12-inch skillet over high heat until shimmering. Add the pork mixture and cook, breaking up the meat with a wooden spoon, until the pork is in small, well-browned bits, about 5 minutes. Stir in the garlic, ginger, and pepper flakes and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Stir in the broth mixture, bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer over medium-low heat and cook until slightly thickened, about 3 minutes. Off the heat, stir in the sesame oil; cover and set aside.

While the sauce simmers, in a large skillet, sauté the zoodles in a small amount of peanut oil, tossing constantly, until the zoodles are tender, about 1 - 2 minutes. Divide the zoodles among individual bowls, then ladle a portion of the sauce over the top. Sprinkle with the scallions and serve.


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